Many of you may have had your first trip back in the pool or may have it booked for the next few days. Here's a few hints and tips to get you through your first sessions. 

* DO use the time to do a few simple drills - the fist drill will work really well for helping you re-gain your feel for the water. Add this in for a half length in each set. 

* DO stick to sets of 50/100m to start with - give yourself a short rest between each set (10-20 seconds)

* DO leave your watch and your ego at home for at least the first session. If you do 'need' your watch then don't look at it whilst swimming and don't worry what the data says when you upload it. 

*DO enjoy it - we've all been complaining that the pools have been shut - enjoy the freedom.

* Don't feel you have to use all of the pool time slot that you have: ease yourself (and your shoulders) back into things. 

* Don't beat yourself up if the first session feels 'awful' - it will take a couple of sessions to recover the feel for the water. 

After 3 or 4 sessions, it will be like you never left the water and you'll be back gliding through the water. 

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